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Just Checking In! [Jul. 14th, 2007|02:56 pm]
[mood |excitedexcited]

Well, I'm not in the most wordy of moods, so here's the last week or so at a glance...

- 'Went to Dallas for my grandmother's 70th b-day earlier this week. It was a blast, and the whole family managed to get along quite well! W007!

- 'Got a PSP recently, then Audra got one the day after I showed her mine. I really need to get into the marketing business.

- On that note, Radiant Mythology is only 3 days away!!!

- 'Have finally started writing with Margaret again (thank the lord!). We're on the second part of the 3rd "Symphonia Sosaria Saga" and have been doing this particular series for almost three years now! Pride! Triumph! Happiness!

- I saw Order of the Phoenix yesterday and cried every time Sirius and Harry hugged. Knowing how it was going to end made it so hard to watch them talk about how they were going to be a family when it was all over. I've never cried in a movie theatre before.

- Dad and I are going to the Houston Symphony tonight to see "Videogames Live"!!! The symphony will be performing all types of VG music, and if you arrive early, you can play some axxum demos! Apparantly some people are dressing up as well. XD I wanna see a cute Linky!

That's pretty much it as far as events go! Perhaps I'll elaborate on the symphony when I get back tonight or possibly tomorrow if I'm too tired. For now, I shall go get ready!

God bless, and I hope everyone's summer is pwning!

- Dawn
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Ideas are Bulletproof, but I'm Not [Jun. 25th, 2007|05:30 pm]
[mood |aggravatedaggravated]

Has it ever bothered you intensely when something means a lot to you, and then someone else just kinda ,"eh", shrugs it off? Oh I can understand if they just don't appreciate it as much as you do, but when they completely turn up their nose at it... it just drives me insane.

It's always my mother, and I don't understand why.

Everyone else I've introduced to the movie "V for Vendetta", since I saw it about a week ago, has been so receptive and so moved by it. I try exposing my mother to this profound, amazing movie, and not only does she scowel every time I mention it, but when she finally does watch it, she does it while working on other things, so she's barely paying attention. On top of that, when it comes to one of the most moving scenes (when Evey finds out that the detainment center was false and that V tortured her in order to rid her of her fear), she just makes a face, saying "This movie is just too messed up..." and walks out of the room. WHAT THE CRAP?!!! I'm sorry! I'd love to be all calm and understanding about this, but all I can think is how DARE someone just put down such a powerful movie? It's dark. It doesn't have a lot of lovey-dovey crap or sex or preppy 21 year olds shopping for boys and shoes and brand-name purses, but it's powerful. It's moving. It's intelligent and clever. I'd love to act like I'm not angered by her reaction, but I'm not bulletproof to her annoyed tone and downright arrogant attitude toward it. I love my mother, and I respect her, but I'm very vexed by her verbiage. Ahem. Long live V.

But really, I just had to get that out. I'm actually watching the movie right now (tis near the end *tear*), so I'll go let that comfort me. Until next time, you can read my deviantART journal for a better life update and not just a rant. ^_^;

God bless!
- Dawn
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Jobs, Money, Costumes, OVA's, and Music that makes me think of Senel Coolidge... [Jun. 16th, 2007|12:13 pm]
[mood |workingworking]

Well, just coming in for an update!

So far, the job at Hasta La Pasta has been going quite well. Of course, I never really want to haul my lazy butt to work, but as soon as I get there the time goes by quite quickly. ^_^ My first paycheck came in a while back, and my second is soon to come! I've opened a checking account and now have a nice, shiney, gold Debit card. W007!

As far as the cosplay for Arche goes, I'm still waiting on the person I commissioned, but she tells me she's working on the jacket portion right now. ^_^ I'm quite excited to get in full costume for the first time. *nod nod*


(there's part one. the others can be found on youtube also)

In other Tales related news, Tales of the World: Radiant Mythology seems to be coming along nicely...


Now I'm glad for a steady income. ^_~ PSPs don't buy themselves...

So, the award for discovering something cool this week goes to none other than Shannon, who's discovered the connection between the song "Girlfriend" by Avril Lavigne, and my feelings about Senel Coolidge. Look it up. It's oh so true. ;D

Well, that's all I can say for now!

God bless, and continue to enjoy your summer!!
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I LIVE AGAIN!!!! [Jun. 2nd, 2007|12:42 am]
[mood |excitedexcited]

Jeez, bet anyone still reading this old thing thought I was dead. XD If you're new to it, welcome! I used to journal here at least weekly about random things such as...well... fantasy and video games and what have you.
Now that school's out, there won't even be a a SPECK of drama to speak of! Ahahahaha! Take that you teenage, attention-starved, immature losers! I DON'T HAVE TO LOOK AT YOUR FACES IF I DON'T WANT TO ANYMORE!!!! *maniacle laughter*

So instead of doing some long rant on what I've failed to post up here, I'll give a few facts to catch ya up to speed... WITH PICTURES! WOW!:

- I turned 16 April 5th of this year. The party was huge, wonderful, had a castle theme where we decorated the massive garage at my ranch like one, had a DJ, a coach bus, etc. ....

Good times. ^_^

- I got a laptop computer so that I can work on my novel about Eversio, and I also go lots of money which I've saved to buy a cosplay costume for Arche Kraine from one of my new game/anime crazes, Tales of Phantasia (which was made before, but is the sequel to ToS)...

- I finally gave into the evils of new tales games and started playing Tales of Legendia. Much to my horror, I've fallen in love with Senel Coolidge...

- In the real world, I made top choir for next year, am doing summer school courses at home to get some random, useless credits out of the way, and have a job at an Italian restaraunt where I work as a hostess.

- I'm also currently writing a ton of fics with my close friends and am working on a large scale project to create an RP for an original "Tales of" game called "Tales of Continia"

- No news at ALL has been released on the dragonlance movie, and fans are losing hope. The Symphonia OVA (original version animation), however, has had many new trailers released and the first episode comes out in a mere SEVEN DAYS!

- I'll be working on changing my layout soon... and by the time anyone reads this, it probably will have already. XD

So that's the scoop! 'Hope it wasn't too painful! I'll be back on track here in no time! Until then, God bless!

- Dawn
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Almost Christmas! [Dec. 23rd, 2006|08:09 pm]
So yeah, I'm alive!!! I'm fairly sure everyone's forgotten about this thing, like I almost did. Lolz. Anyway, 'felt like updating it since I'm in a pretty good mood.
Well, it's Christmas break (I get to open my Wii Christmas morning! yay!) and I've been drawing a lot, watching a lot of TP trailers, and writing/talking a lot with friends. ^_^ Dura-chan even spent the night and an entire day at my place!!! W007! I love Dura to death- we went shopping, played video games, talked a ton, and, of course, wrote. ^_^ Needless to say, we've started yet another fic that totally pwns. Heheheh, Diroh... *_*. Diroh, and love triangles, and hot cajun crunch, oh my!!

In other news, I'm singing up at my church at every single Christmas service tomorrow, so let's hope I don't get tired and can stay energetic througout. ^_^ It should be fun. *nod nod*

Sadness tho, Margaret can't get on tonight. T.T *sob*

In any case, life is good! 'Just letting the livejournal world know I'm alive again. ^_^

God bless,
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wooo.... [Dec. 3rd, 2006|06:31 pm]
Long time no update. ^_^; Just wanted to say I'm alive and...somewhat well. I need to raise my grades back up to As or my parents are going to flip out, and I need to put Link out of my mind till after finals. Sounds like fun, neh?
*goes to YouTube and watches Minstrel talk*

Ahhh.... sweet Fabio.... I really want a Wii....

What random trains of thought. ^_^;

Yeah, I think I'll go finish an extra-credit poster so that mom doesn't chastise me about "playing on the computer". Honestly, I'm so sick of school. Christmas won't come a second too soon.

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Yay German... O.o

God Bless,
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Stunning. [Nov. 19th, 2006|08:35 pm]
I don't have much time to elaborate on my 8 or so hours of Twilight Princess gameplay (mooching off of Amby's Wii and actually sharing the controller with her- which is freaking amazing), but I want to stress that this game is the most stunning thing I've seen in a while. The opening sequence is filled with closeups of Link's face - which really IS as expressive as Nintendo has hinted to us - and the sunrise, haha, the "dawn", casting a glow over his skin that is so natural and so perfect at the same time... it gives me shivvers. Guys, what this game has turned into is massive and beautiful. I've gone through the first dungeon and everything it takes to get there, and that's NOTHING at all. I'm prepared to be stunned throughout, and I'm anticipating the roaring of the fans, the massive ammounts of fanart, the fanfic booms, the videos, the parodies, the little suddleties that you can only catch if you've played it six times... I'm eagar for everything that goes with the fandom. So whether you've played it or not, be happy for Nintendo, and of course, Link, because he's stealing back his fans, and he deserves us. ^_^
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

God bless,
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The OTHER Minstrel's Song.... [Nov. 13th, 2006|08:07 pm]
So Fabio has a problem...with his guitar. XDDD
In other news I'm writing a good fic on him, Dawn, and Link, and it actually fits with Dawn's timeline! W007! Right before Link dies to be reincarnated for....
TWILIGHT PRINCESS! Or... the story that will become it anyway. Wow, if you think DAWN is scared to see what will become of her brother, then you haven't SEEN me yet. XD At least I know he IS coming back. Poor Dawn can never tell. ^_^

On that subject...

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting


I think I've said enough.
OH! I didn't make the top 15 in any of my culture shapers categories. T.T Actually, it doesn't bug me at all. ^_^ I kinda figured I was going to get pwned, and the entries that won are pretty damn good. There are plenty of contests to come, and always next year, so I will take my defeat and improve upon myself with it. In the meantime, I'm still freaking out about going over to Amby's to play the Wii. ^_^ Huzzah! I'll get it eventually. I'm just glad the money stress is over. V.V

Okay, random! I've just deduced that Link's new, deeper voice, is quite sexy. ^_^ Sure, I'll miss the OoT sounds, but man, when he finishes an enemy... he does this kinda savage noise that makes me all chilly. ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ I love my bro. HE PWNS YOU ALL!
Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
Uhuh...yeeeah. XD Go watch the new videos at www.ign.com Lots of kewl stuff with the wolf singing... and there's TOTALLY a song from Majoras Mask in there... hmm.... theories......

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting
*do the Minstrel dance!*

God bless,
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AMBER, YOU'RE MY HERO!!! [Nov. 6th, 2006|03:26 pm]
So yeah, here's the news in my world! Amby Wamby is buying the Wii the day it comes out. She's got all the money (even the tax she says) in her wallet and is ready to buy!!!! Aaaaand I'M GOING TO HER PLACE THE WEEKEND AFTER IT COMES OUT!!!! So yeah, whose idea was it to release the game on a SUNDAY, huh? I'm going to be camping that day anyhow...so yeah. I might like, leave early in the morning and go to her house that day to play it. Wiiiiiiiiiiiii! XD lol. But yeah, another friend of mine is bringing his to school for an after school club meeting on Monday, so I'll either experience it the day it comes out, or the day after, and then definatly a weekend in the near future. This doesn't mean, however, that I'm giving up on the raising money thing, so listen up...

IF YOU WANT SOME ART I'll be offering it all to my friends before I post it on e-bay. No discounty thingies just b/c I know you. >.< The stuff I'm selling isn't just sketches. It's (so far) a painting -took multiple days- of a red dragon, a scratchpaper drawing (white on black) of a very detailed wolf (how appropriate :p ), two prints of my digital painting of a wolf called "Moonshy", a print of my black and white photo of a train, and a large anime drawing of a kitsune girl inked with professional manga markers. This is real art, therefor there will be real prices. ^_^ I'm thinking, no less than 50 for the painting, 30-40 for the scratchpaper drawing (they take a LOOONG time), and no more than 20 for everything else. These are good prices if you think realistically.
ALSO!!! If you're a reptile owner or know anyone who needs two (or just one) LARGE, LIGHTLY USED, GOOD QUALITY screen topped cages, I'm also selling these. They cost up to 100 dollars at petco and other such places and I'm taking them down to 50 for the slightly larger one and 35 for the smaller one. Be happy. Be very happy. XDDD

Okay so I'll stop whoring my stuff on you ppl. But really, I'd be grateful if you could find someone to buy the cages because they take up room and I don't need them. >.< They'll also come with a free heating pad for reptiles and plenty of bedding for the cages as well as places for the animals to hide. I was planning on getting more reptiles after my 16th b-day, but have come to the realization that I won't be able to take them to colledge and would have to sell them, which would be more painful then not getting any at all. AND, I WANT THE FRIGGIN WII!

*sigh* Linky, linky, why must you cloud my thoughts every FRIGGIN WAKING MOMENT I'M ALIVE?!!! Not to mention that I've been catching bits of the ToS anime here and there. Okay, so they're just pictures, but they're OFFICIAL, and therefor kewl. *nod nod* The Minstrel's song is stuck in my head, I've been drooling over Vincent pictures, I have a strong urge to watch Axel die again, I've been itching to draw Chester for the longest time now... I'M GOING BISHIE CRAZY AGAIN!!! AUUGHHH! And I think my mage obesssion is sneaking back in to me also.... geez. Not to mention my friend Brian is introducing me to a new book series that I'm quite certain I'll be obsessed with in no time. Can we just like, CANCEL school while I enjoy all of this? ^_^

God bless, and may the Triforce be with you all!
- Dawn
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He makes me cry. [Nov. 4th, 2006|10:51 am]

Twenty years. Sometimes I don't think even I can understand that earthly sort of vastness. Things change... SO much... in that ammount of time. People, places, the situation of our world, really IMPORTANT things that matter in this huge, corrupt place. But within one of the minorities that is beginning to become a majority, something more important to me as a person has undergone such great change as to brings tears to my eyes.

Don't just watch these two videos for a moment. Watch them all the way through, and the second one especially. Hear the difference more than anything, and you'll feel it.


20 years later



So if you're wondering why I'm on the interent, I shall tell you. I'm at my dad's house this weekend which = no grounded-ness. That's just how it is at dads. XD But I'm still grounded during the skewl weeks and weekends at mom's. Hoo-not-ray. So yeah.... Link makes me cry. That brother of mine. *sigh* And now I'm going to bitch about the Wii....
I WANT IT!!! But it costs $250... so how the crap am I going to get that money that fast? Hmm... well lets see... IT WOULD TAKE A FRIGGEN MEIRACLE!!! Winning that art contest might be the meiracle I get... but the winners are announced the day after the Wii is released, meaning that I'd be taking a huge risk if I waited till then to save money. So I have 20 dollars right now. That's a start. Now we're down to 230. Getting paid for grades is nice, but I can't count on having straight As. So I've devised a PLAN!
and it's called....

I'm an artist right?! Whom God has gifted with talent! So... I shall look into the process... and I shall sell...prints...on EBAY! *triumphant sound* aaand I'll do a shit-load of odd jobs between now and then... Or I could just say I won't ask for anything for Christmas... that always works too! Meh... so many ideas... so much conflict with each of them.... all I know is that I HAVE to get my brother if it means selling everything I own! If anyone reading is confused, I call Link my brother 1. because he is dammit, 2. because I was literally raised with him (my dad got me into Zelda at infancy). So the title fits. He is my bro, got it memorized? And you know what, people may think this is screwed up, but I'm DAMN proud of him too, to have gone this far. Of course, Miyamoto is to blame for it all, but if Link himself hadn't been recieved so well by the people, Zelda wouldn't have gotten so popular. If there are any magic-users in the world, they are the Japanese. Something about their games breathes life into fans. But I guess you could say that about colledge football. XD It all depends on what your passion is. *huggles brother*

Ah, and here's the TRAILER. That thing up there was the intro....


Hmm.. my favorite screenshot...


aheheh... just kidding... here it is....


Dawn: *cries* You're HAPPY nii-san! *glomps*
Alex: yes well... wait till you see this itty bitty part of the trailer...


Link: o.o.....
Alex: Apparantly not... if that's who I think it is...
Link: you know what... *drops mastersword* You can save your own *bleep*ing world this time. If it isn't dead the 10th time you kill it, it isn't gonna die.
Dawn and Alex: LINKY! NUUU!
Link: Sayonara!!! 

Speaking of the master sword... it's in the trailer also.... hmm intriguing......

God bless!
- Dawn

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